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A valid Illinois drivers license or State ID., proof of address, and phone number is required for all rentals. Customers who do not reside in our general rental area may be required to leave a security deposit. The deposit amount will vary depending on the equipment rented. 

A damage waiver of 10% will be added to all rentals. This covers accidental damage to the equipment due to circumstances beyond the customer's control. It does not cover misuse or abuse of the equipment. The damage waiver is not insurance for theft of property or damage as a result of negligence. 

All customers are required to leave a credit card or cash deposit. We accept Visa, American Express, Master Card, and Discover credit cards.  Sorry, we cannot accept Visa or Master Card check/debit cards or overseas credit cards drawn on non-USA banks for deposits.  If a customer has an in-store account and the account  is in good standing, the signer on that account may rent equipment with no deposit. To verify ownership of the credit card or an authorized in-store account user, a valid Illinois Driver's License or State ID is required. In addition you may be asked for a vehicle registration, a copy of proof of address from a current utility bill or a certificate of insurance depending on the equipment rented. 

DELIVERY - Delivery service is available Monday thru Friday. Rates vary according to equipment and delivery distance. Please contact the store for specific delivery charges. 


Minimum Rental Period - On many rental items there is a minimum 2-hour, 3-hour, or 4-hour rate. This rate applies to any two-hour, three-hour, or four-hour period the store is open. 

Overnight Rate - For the overnight rate, equipment can be picked up no more than one hour before closing and must be returned no later than one hour after opening the following business day. If the equipment is returned late, the normal daily rate will apply. 

Day Rate/24 Hour - A day is equal to 24 hours. The equipment must be returned within 24 hours of going out.  

Special Rates: 
2-Day Weekend Rate - A two-day weekend rate is available on all equipment. Equipment may be picked up no more than one hour before closing on Fridays and returned no later than one hour after opening on Monday and you will be charged for two days rental.
1-1/2-Day Weekend Rate - A one and one-half day weekend rate is available on all equipment. To qualify for this rental rate the equipment may be picked up any time after 1:00 pm Saturday and returned no later than one hour after opening on Monday and you will be charged for one and one-half times the daily rate.

Week Rate - A week is equal to 7 days. Many rental items have special weekly rates based on either three or four days rental charges for seven days utilization. 

Month Rate -A rental month is equal to 4 weeks, or 28 days. Special monthly rates are available on all rental equipment.

All rentals are subject to equipment availability.  Rates and Terms are subject to change without notification. 

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